Main Theme:

“Al-Quran as a Source of Revealation in Building a Civilized (Madani) Society “

Seminar sub themes are based on the perspective of Quran:

  1. Global challenges in the era of pandemic.
  2. Medical science and health.
  3. Integration between Islamic and non-revealed knowledge in the light of Industrial Revolution 4.0.
  4. Maqasid al-Shariah.
  5. Islamic sciences in studying the non-revealed sciences.
  6. Innovation in learning.
  7. Applications of technology in developing knowledge.
  8. Contemporary issues related to Islamic and non-revealed knowledge.
  9. Contemporary issues in Islamic education.
  10. Contemporary Islamic personalities in the field of Islamic and non-revealed knowledge.
  11. Islamic and non-revealed knowledge for people with special needs.
  12. The role of institutions and non-governmental organizations in global challenges.
  13. Arts and cultures in Islam.
  14. Islamic manuscripts and textual studies.
  15. Military, political, economic and social issues from Islamic perspectives.
  16. And any relevant topics would be considered.