Historically, the decent in the Quran has transformed the faith and beliefs of the Arabs and raised the nation’s dignity and inspires them not only to be victorious in the hereafter but also in this worldly life. The progress of Muslims especially in the 4th-8th century in the various fields of knowledge is evidence of such statements. The Noble Quran is not meant to only be read, but it must be understood and its teaching applied. It not only contains ritual-shaped teachings but also contains sources of inspiration that can propel the transformation of a nation to a higher level that can prosper the nation according to the standards required by Allah SWT.

This conference will gather scholars to discuss various issues and other issues related to the Quran, especially its function as a foundation of well-being and a trigger for the transformation of civilization. It is hoped that with this seminar, exceptional ideas and useful findings can be generated and discussed in order to expose the greatness of the Qur’an as “Rahmatan lil ‘alamin”.