Main Theme:

“Islamic And Non-Revealed Knowledge  In Facing The Global Challenges ERA“

Seminar sub themes are based on the perspective of Quran:

  1. Global challenges in the era of pandemic.
  2. Medical science and health.
  3. Integration between Islamic and non-revealed knowledge in the light of Industrial Revolution 4.0.
  4. Maqasid al-Shariah.
  5. Islamic sciences in studying the non-revealed sciences.
  6. Innovation in learning.
  7. Applications of technology in developing knowledge.
  8. Contemporary issues related to Islamic and non-revealed knowledge.
  9. Contemporary issues in Islamic education.
  10. Contemporary Islamic personalities in the field of Islamic and non-revealed knowledge.
  11. Islamic and non-revealed knowledge for people with special needs.
  12. The role of institutions and non-governmental organizations in global challenges.
  13. Arts and cultures in Islam.
  14. Islamic manuscripts and textual studies.
  15. Military, political, economic and social issues from Islamic perspectives.