According to history, the Qur'an has successfully trans-formed the faith and viagra 50 alternative traditions of the ancestors in the Arab community and raises the dignity of the people, apart from inspiring them to seek excellence in this world and hereafter.

The glorious of civilization achieved by Muslims in various fields of science, particularly during the period of 4-8 century is a proof to this fact. Indeed, al-Quran was revealed not only to be read, but to be lived and practiced, it not only contains a religious ritualistic but also contains a source of inspiration that can propel the transformation of a nation to a higher level that the nation can prosper according to the needs of Allah SWT.

Therefore, this conference seeks to bring together relevant studies, in order to share and improve the proliferation of knowledge, help further the advancement of Muslims in particular and humanity in general. This conference is also expected to bring together scholars to discuss global issues which debated by al-Quran, mainly related to its primary function as a source of Muslims well-being and the core of the transformation of human civilization. In addition, the conference is expected to develop thoughtful ideas and inventions that are helpful to express the greatness of the Qur'an as a source of underlying the concept of wasatiyah in Muslim Civilization.


  • To uphold the Holy Quran as the guidance of generating the transformation of ummah.
  • To raise the appreciation method and applying the  Holy Quran in the ummah transformation project.
  • To express the new scientific findings or research findings   which parallel to the evidence of Quran
  • To enhance the understanding of  society  in handling the current issues by referring to Quran.