SWAT2015 is inviting  various party (academicians, authorities, NGO, students and generic levitra pills public) to join this seminar either as paper presenter or as participants.

Seminar Language: English, Arabic, Malay.


All papers presented will be published in a book* special issue in conjunction with of the Seminar Wahyu Seminar Wahyu Asas Tamadun IV, berjudul “Memasyarakatkan Quran, Mensejah-terakan Ummah” (Implementing Quranic Values in Society).

Selected papers will be sent to the Journal Ma'alim al-Quran wa al-Sunnah to be published in a special edition*.

* Terms of publication of the paper  is subject to:

  • Letter of consent from the author,
  • Compliance with the guidelines of writing papers as prescribed by the editorial board.
  • Full article was received within the prescribed period.
  • Articles have been accepted by the Editorial Board committee of Journal Ma'alim al-Quran wa al-Sunnah (article journal only)


Graduation Ceremony for all the buy cialis cheap graduating students from the course  of Tafsir Ibn Kathir by Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Najm Khalaf